Helping You Focus on Your Patients

by assisting with the health of your practice . . .

Take Two:


Identifies Cash Flow Opportunities


Increases Practice Revenue


Reduce Risks of Audits


Improves Billing & Collection Efficiency


Streamline Revenue Cycle Workflow


Train Staff to Improve Cash Flow & Compliance


Streamline Administrative Tasks


Reduce/Eliminate Claim and Billing Errors


Reduce Claim Denials


Ensure Every Claim is Properly Paid


Ensure Timely Appeals When Necessary


Balancing Patient Care with Running a Health Care Business?

Get trained healthcare practice management support customized for you.


Keep Your Fee Schedules Up to Date


Control Your Accounts Receivable (A/R)


Get Help with Effective Self‐Audit Processes


Keep Compliance Plans Current


Have Effective Office Policies & Procedures


Know & Understand Payor Contracts & Requirements


Have an Effective & Practical Safety Plan


Develop Solutions for Your Practice Management




Insurance Claims


Compliance with government and insurance requirements


Implementing best business practices

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about the help you need. A full array of customized services and business-side consulting solutions are available to meet your needs, improve your cash flow, improve your compliance efforts, and lower your operating expenses. Take Two is professional practice management consulting firm owned and operated by Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists.

When was your last practice check-up? Some symptoms have clear causes. Others require some testing. Take Two’s analysis, assessments and audits provide the information you need – whether to improve your cash flow, reduce rejections and denials, reduce compliance risk, make sure you’re getting paid for every patient you see, or help you grow and expand with as-needed resources.

In Control & Informed – a unique approach to supporting your practice. Managing your revenue cycle by handling the day-to-day detail and time-consuming follow-through, Take Two provides weekly and monthly reporting, and regular interaction, that keeps you fully informed and in control. We have the ability to customize reporting, data, analytics and benchmarking to give you the information you need – and answer your questions – to help you accomplish your goals.

Practice management support improves your businesses’ health and/or your compliance efforts through a process that you drive. Take Two delivers best practice input, information, analysis and research to facilitate your decisions and follows your direction.

The right support at the right time. Services specially designed to meet the needs individual and small group practices, Take Two’s commitment is customized, responsive and transparent services. We want you to feel we are an extension of your staff and resources you can count on.

Practice Management Consulting

Practice Analysis & Check-Up

Fee Schedule Review & Analysis


Insurance Contracts Review & Compliance


Registration Audits & Processes

HIPAA Compliance

OIG Waste, Fraud & Abuse

Best Business Practices /Office Manual

Revenue – Cycle Management


Insurance Verification

Claims Submission & Patient Billing

Transparent Reporting

A/R Management

Rejections & Denials Management

Our Process

Understanding each practice is unique,
Take Two’s process focuses on you and your practice
to help meet your specific needs.


"Take Two"

A brief chat to get to know each other – share some information on your challenges and see if Take Two’s offerings could help solve them. Typically face-to-face, the aim is to give you a comfort level and see if Take Two may be a good fit for you.

Practice Survey

A short set of questions that should take you 5 minutes give Take 2 a little more detail on existing practice management, revenue-cycle and compliance processes. We will use this to craft an agenda for a follow-up discussion – our heart-to-heart conversation.

Heart-to-Heart Conversation

Engage in a forthright conversation delving further into areas from your survey responses and suggestions from Take Two. A candid conversation: what is working well, what isn’t, what’s causing you headaches, where do you feel you need help? Aimed at building a rapport with you, we’ll walk away with information to digest and review.

Practice Analysis

A dive into your most pressing issues. Take Two looks at information gained at our heart-to-heart to provide an assessment and solutions customized to you and your needs.


Informational discussion sharing the results of Take Two’s analysis, suggested solutions, and any questions you have. There is no “sales-pressure”, just an open conversation focused on your needs, our assessment and ways Take Two can help. Based on your interest, we can discuss the way forward.

The Take Two Difference

Building relationships through –


Provider-Focused Approach


Responsive, Personal Service


Dedicated & Detail-Oriented


Business Side Expertise


Timely, Accurate & Transparent

Get help with the hassles and headaches of a healthcare business
so you can focus on providing health care to your patients

Helping Healthcare Providers Stay in the Business of Healthcare

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists and trained practice management professionals let you focus on what you went to school to do. Focus on treating your patients, while Take Two assists with the business-side – customized solutions – responsive service – transparency – keeping you informed and in control.

How Can We Help You?