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Thirty Years…

Experience in business management, compliance, managing process workflow, medical billing, health care practice management, and customer service means that we bring the necessary skills and knowledge to help you manage the business-side of your practice – from consulting/advisory services to full service revenue-cycle management.

Knowledge and experience with insurance reimbursement, patient billing, cash flow, staff time, and ever-changing government regulations and insurance requirements, enables Take Two to offer practices a full range of services to meet your unique needs and keep your practice healthy.

Dedicated and Detail-Oriented…

The time and knowledge to deal with necessary compliance measures, insurance verifications, cash flow improvements, revenue-cycle workflow, and/or full claims management.

Give yourself the benefit of practice management support to help with compliance, office policies and procedures, training front desk personnel, and “best practice” guidance. Using services-based assistance allows you to keep control of your practice without the salary and benefit burden.

Obtaining reimbursement for services rendered is not complicated, but it is time-consuming, requires sharp attention to detail and an ability to communicate clearly. Take Two assures timely submission of claims and follows-up diligently until every claim is properly paid.


Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists with business management and health and safety management expertise.


Confidence that our qualifications are recognized within the medical reimbursement and practice management field, and tested based on the longest standing and most thorough industry exam.


Reassurance that we meet continuing education requirements in our field just as you do for practicing your field of medicine/health care.

This voluntary credential formally recognizes a medical biller’s competency and proficiency, encourages continued professional and personal best development, and provides a national standard assessment based on industry knowledge

American Medical Billing Association

Heather Cuffel-Conway

Heather Cuffel-Conway


Heather is a business strategist with strength in analyzing and managing process‐based workflow, compliance, and revenue‐cycles. An MBA and strategic thinker, Heather is detail‐oriented and adept at adapting workflow to meet your needs.

The daughter of a real‐life rocket scientist, Heather enjoys analysis and strategy and problem‐solving. She enjoys reading (history and spy‐thriller novels are a favorite), bike riding and playing with the family dogs.

Edward Conway

Edward Conway


Ed served on the board of an insurance company that received claims management awards during his tenure. He understands how insurance companies and claims processes work. A health and safety professional, he brings strength in HIPPA compliance, safety programs, regulatory requirements, and training.

A Navy veteran, Ed enjoys working outside, time with family and friends, playing with the family dogs, and loves to barbeque.

Our Mission…

…is to Help you Accomplish Yours
Helping healthcare practitioners focus on patient health while improving practice profitability and compliance—

We understand that providing care to your patients is challenging – it requires both practicing medicine and time to document exactly what happened at every patient visit. Electronic Health/Medical Records sounds like a time-saving resource, but it’s turned out to be a little more complicated. You went to school to practice medicine and find yourself running a business. Let us help you with the business-side, because you patients should be your priority.

Our Personal Commitment…


Client-focused, attentive service


Keep you informed


Keep you in control

Business Expertise to help the business side of your health care practice

Helping Healthcare Providers Stay in the Business of Healthcare

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists and trained practice management professionals let you focus on what you went to school to do. Focus on treating your patients, while Take Two assists with the business-side – customized solutions – responsive service – transparency – keeping you informed and in control.

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